Two Strange Haunted Roads In Virginia Where Gravity Doesn’t Exist

Virginia boasts a wealth of history, culture, and natural beauty, yet within its borders lie enigmatic tales and legends, particularly surrounding roads that challenge the laws of physics and reason. This blog delves into the mysteries of two such haunted roads in Virginia: Gravity Hill in Buchanan and Spotswood Trail in Stanardsville.

Gravity Hill: A Push from the Past

Situated on Route 43 near Buchanan, Gravity Hill presents an optical illusion. Despite appearing to slope uphill, when a car is placed in neutral, it inexplicably rolls backward—seemingly defying gravity. This phenomenon has captivated visitors who often mark the spot with graffiti, and some even report hearing voices or glimpsing apparitions.

The cause of this gravity-defying anomaly remains unknown, spawning various theories. A popular legend ties the phenomenon to a tragic 1800s incident on the hill. A young couple in a horse-drawn carriage was attacked by robbers, resulting in their demise. According to the tale, the spirits of these victims push vehicles away, perhaps warning or protecting them from a similar fate. Another version involves a school bus crash, with the ghosts of deceased children purportedly pranking or seeking help by pushing cars uphill.

Regardless of the veracity of these stories, Gravity Hill attracts thrill-seekers and paranormal enthusiasts, especially those drawn to the eerie atmosphere that intensifies after dark.

Spotswood Trail: A Road to Nowhere

Winding through the Blue Ridge Mountains in Stanardsville, Spotswood Trail, also known as Route 33, offers breathtaking natural views but conceals a sinister secret. Legend has it that a section of the road leads to a portal to another dimension, distorting time and space.

Dating back to the 1970s, a group of friends driving along Spotswood Trail encountered a mysterious fork in the road. Opting for the left path, they soon found themselves in a nightmarish journey where the road grew darker, narrower, and the surroundings took on an eerie unfamiliarity. Feelings of dread and unease permeated their experience, as if malevolent eyes were watching.

Attempting to turn back, they discovered the right path had vanished, leaving them on an endless, unfamiliar left path. Panic set in as the road seemed to stretch infinitely with no signs of civilization. Their car’s fuel dwindled, and communication devices failed. In a desperate attempt to escape, they drove towards a distant light, only to find themselves engulfed in a bright white light, leading to blackness.

Upon awakening, they were back on Spotswood Trail, just 15 minutes elapsed since the fork. Terrified and confused, they sped away and never returned.

Similar experiences have been reported on Spotswood Trail, with sightings of the mysterious fork, a white light, and lost time or memory. Theories range from portals to other dimensions to hoaxes or hallucinations. Regardless of the interpretation, Spotswood Trail remains a road challenging the boundaries of reality and imagination.


Virginia, with its rich tapestry of history and allure, harbors secrets and mysteries that defy easy explanation. In the case of Gravity Hill and Spotswood Trail, these haunted roads beckon both believers and skeptics to experience the thrill and wonder of the unknown. A word of caution: the journey might not leave you unchanged.

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