The Haunted Park In Pennsylvania That Locals Call The Dead Children’s Playground

Pennsylvania is a state rich in history and culture, but also in mystery and horror. There are many places in the Keystone State that are said to be haunted by ghosts, spirits, and other paranormal phenomena. One of these places is a park in the city of Scranton, known as the Dead Children’s Playground.

The History of the Park

The park, officially named Nay Aug Park, was established in 1899 as a public recreation area for the residents of Scranton. The park features a zoo, a museum, a pool, a gorge, and several playgrounds. However, one of these playgrounds has a dark and tragic past that has earned it the nickname of the Dead Children’s Playground.

According to local legend, the playground was built on top of an old cemetery where many children were buried in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Some of the graves were allegedly disturbed or removed during the construction of the playground, angering the spirits of the deceased children. Others claim that the playground was the site of a horrific accident in 1903, when a trolley car crashed into a group of children playing there, killing several of them instantly.

The Hauntings of the Park

Whatever the origin of the curse, many people who have visited the park have reported strange and terrifying experiences. Some of the common sightings include:

  • Children’s laughter, crying, or screaming coming from the playground, especially at night or when the park is empty .
  • Children’s apparitions, shadows, or orbs appearing and disappearing on the swings, slides, or other equipment .
  • Children’s handprints, footprints, or writings appearing on the sand, dirt, or snow around the playground .
  • Children’s toys, such as dolls, balls, or teddy bears, moving by themselves or being thrown by an invisible force .
  • Children’s voices, whispers, or giggles being heard in the ears of the visitors, sometimes asking for help, play, or company .

Some of the encounters have been more sinister, such as:

  • Visitors feeling a cold touch, a push, a pull, or a scratch from an unseen hand .
  • Visitors feeling a sudden nausea, headache, or dizziness while near the playground .
  • Visitors seeing a dark figure, a hooded man, or a clown lurking around the playground, sometimes chasing or attacking them .
  • Visitors having nightmares, visions, or flashbacks of the children’s deaths or suffering after leaving the park .

The Conclusion

The Dead Children’s Playground is one of the most haunted places in Pennsylvania, and perhaps in the whole country. Many people have tried to investigate, document, or debunk the paranormal activity there, but none have been able to explain or stop it. Some believe that the children’s spirits are restless and angry, and need to be appeased or exorcised. Others believe that the children’s spirits are lonely and playful, and just want to have some fun. Whatever the case, the Dead Children’s Playground remains a place of mystery, horror, and fascination for anyone who dares to visit it.

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