Miami-Dade Police Bust Underground Rooster Fighting Ring: 5 Arrested

Five men were apprehended by Miami-Dade Police in connection with an underground rooster fighting ring. The discovery was made during a warrant operation on Thursday. According to a neighbor interviewed by NBC6’s sister station, Telemundo51, the illegal activities, including cockfights and dog fights, had been ongoing for years, causing disturbances with trucks coming and going at all hours.

The events unfolded on March 21, when detectives were alerted about suspicious activities at a property located at 6701 SW 122 Avenue. Detective Morgado from the Vice and Intelligence Squad, assisted by a detective from the Illegal Dumping Unit, executed a search warrant and found numerous fighting roosters in cages spread across the property, along with training rings and fighting equipment.

Upon arrival at the scene, detectives were met with the crowing of roosters housed in various sections of the property. During the search, a man was discovered in an area where roosters, hens, and a fighting ring were found. Subsequently, two additional suspects were apprehended as they arrived at the property carrying bird cages.

The neighbor mentioned that the property owners, elderly individuals suffering from dementia, used to have a stable, but the fate of the horses remains unknown. The suspects, identified as Epifanio Puentes Suárez, Carlos Cruz, Omar Ucio Izquierdo, Maykel Barroso Montero, and Alejandro Montero Morales, were arrested and face charges including animal cruelty and illegal animal fighting.

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